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What is CGI?

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

As the demand for CGI grows, particularly in the property sector, it is becoming more of an understood term that is used daily within many different businesses. However, there can still be a little confusion so we hope with this post we can broaden your understanding on exactly what CGI is and exactly what it is that we do!

CGI Stands for Computer Generated Imagery and you may have also heard it being called 3D Visualisation, 3D Rendering or 3D imaging. It is created using computer software, we choose to use 3ds Max and a render plug in called Vray, however there are many great and competitively priced products out there helping anyone to get started! There are also many outputs, from still images, to animation and even immersive virtual reality.

Here at Level23 we specialise in visualising property, and by using the above software, we can take floor plans and elevations to go beyond the technical drawings and bring the concept to life. Which we think is pretty cool! It allows us to show you exactly what an exterior or interior will look like, more than often before the building work has even commenced and give you the chance to gain planning permission, refine the design or even sell off plan.

We start off by building the model in 3D to scale, using all the information you have provided us with. From brick type to furnishings, we make sure to include every last detail to make it as accurate as possible. Once the model is built we set up multiple cameras within the software. (We don’t believe in providing clients with just one view, you pay all this money to build, market and sell a property why not show it to its full potential!) Then using a render farm we create the final output before finally doing any touch ups in post production and providing you with the final high resolution, photorealistic images.

It may sound simple, but it takes skills, attention to detail, a whole lot of patience and most importantly a love for what you do. Something that we most definitely have here at Level23!

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