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5 benefits of CGI in property

Gain planning permission

In order to have any major construction project up and running you are going to need planning permission. It is one of the most vital and important steps in any developer’s journey. CGI can assist in gaining planning permission by not only making your design and ideas clear and precise, but they can also show the way in which a development will impact an area, answer many unanswered questions and alleviate any concerns. Helping to get your project up and running as quickly as possible. And we all know time equals money!

Analyse the design and prevent problems

I’m sure many developers have been in the unfortunate position of a problem arising once building work has commenced. Something that is both time consuming and money draining! By using CGI right from the very beginning, you can see the decisions you are making before they are reality, refine the design and correct any flaws. Once building work commences you can provide a visual reference to again try and prevent or reduce issues that may occur during the building phase.

You will also have many important decisions to make when it comes to the interior design of the build. By using CGI you can finalise the interior design scheme, from kitchen layouts to colour schemes, giving you confidence in the decisions you make throughout the design process as well as some very pretty images to use in your marketing!

Get a head start on marketing

When it comes to marketing a property there are many different platforms to consider. From brochures to site signage to social media, there are endless possibilities. But if your development isn’t even built yet how can you make the most of this? This is where investing in CGI is invaluable as it gives you the marketing material needed to market the development before building work has even began. This gives you potential to draw people in and sell off plan right from the very beginning!

Sell off plan before the real thing even exists

Buying a property before it is built is a daunting thought for many, but it is a crucial part of a development being successful and preventing a property sitting empty upon completion. Therefore, it is so important to provide potential homeowners with reassurance and to not just rely on their imagination. By using CGI in your marketing, you can show the property exteriors, the interiors and the site, giving any potential buyers a full and concise idea of the possibilities and exactly what they will be purchasing.

Exceed expectations

Customer expectations are greater than ever. People want to see more, know more and be provided with a property purchasing experience. CGI makes this a possibility, from being able to control the time of day or the weather to providing interactive walk throughs and drone footage, we can bring your imagination and vision to life, exceed all expectations and in doing so help you to see faster results!


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